Delivery, Access & Installation

Customer Guide

Notes to ensure you are prepared to take delivery of your new tank.

Delivery & Access

Please ensure that the site has clear access for vehicles. Just a tip, check the dimensions of the water tank to make sure it will get through gates, around any tight corners or under low hanging branches. It is your responsibility to let us know of any access constraints.

Access to the site needs to be dry and firm for vehicles. Inaccessible sites will mean the tank is dropped off at the nearest secure location. Note this may incur extra charges should we come back out to move the tank again.


The installation stage needs to be planned ahead. If the tank is in an exposed area to wind it will need to be secured in place. This can be done by filling the tank with water to 25mm, or having it tied down or any other suitable method. This is the purchaser's responsibility.

Tanks will be placed in position on delivery where appropriate. If the tank is to be placed in a particular location or facing a certain direction, this should be arranged prior to installation, or alternatively someone would need to be available on-site.