Stainless Steel Products

Stainless steel rain water tanks- an unparalleled high performance water storage solution.
Stainless steel garden beds- the perfect solution for healthy and natural gardening.
Stainless steel aquaponics- is the ultimate material for a pristine aquaponics system.

Our Tanks

EcoBright Tanks proudly produces stainless steel rain water tanks and associated products. Quality, longevity, cost effectiveness and sustainability are the ideals that stainless steel makes possible in water storage applications.
Our tanks are designed to be superior to every other tank type available. And they are. Our tanks are the most cost effective over their lifespan, have the smallest environmental impact, provide the purest water storage available, and have a lifespan rivalling that of concrete.
Categorically they are superior to all other above ground tank types- so when you invest in a stainless steel rain water tank you know you have the best.

Rain Water Tank Applications


Stainless steel rainwater tanks offer numerous benefits in residential applications. Quality, aesthetics and value for money. It's the bright choice for you and your family. Our rain water tanks are 100% perpetually recyclable and the cheapest tank over their lifetime. We offer round and slimline tanks in standard and custom sizes to suit any location and residential space requirements.


In rural Australia quality is everything. People appreciate water as a precious resource and great reliance is placed on water tanks for the storage and supply of drinking water. Stainless steel is unparalleled in this application. Our rain watertanks provide the purest storage available to secure your water supply. They offer reliability and longevity, and the timeless corrugated aesthetic, perfect for rural Australia.


Commercial application require durability and low-maintenance. Our high quality assurance means that once our rain water tanks are installed, they function without fault. Stainless steel is easily repaired in comparison to other tank types and is very low maintenance, which means less ongoing costs in commercial applications. Features in durability and monetary return when recycled makes stainless steel rainwater tanks a great investment for the commercial sector.


Stainless steel rain water tanks can provide functions in addition to that of standard rain water collection. They can be used for On-site Stormwater Detention (OSD) Systems and Fire Fighting Water Storage making extra use of the water tank infrastructure. Smartly combining rain water harvesting systems with other applications such as these can be highly efficient and cost effective. Stainless steel is very customisable in production as oppose to plastic and concrete, making it the perfect quality solution for a specialty application.
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