Stainless Steel Garden Beds

EcoBright Tanks offers both Round and Slimline corrugated stainless steel Garden Beds. See our range below.

Stainless steel raised garden beds are an exceptionally high quality product and are perfect for growing the healthiest gardens and plants. Made from pure stainless steel means your garden beds will remain rust free and provide a stable soil environment. Whether for herb gardens or decorative planting, our stainless steel garden beds provide value for money and will look great for years.

Round Garden Beds

Round Stainless Garden Beds List

Slimline Garden Beds

Slimline Stainless Garden Beds List

Standard Inclusions

1)   All 304 grade stainless steel construction.
2)   Rolled top edge (prevents sharp edges- lasts longer than rubber strip).
3)   Local pick-up or delivered to site, assembled and ready to use.


Bases can be added to the above garden beds if required. These can be solid or perforated with holes for drainage.

Half Height

We can turn any of our raised garden beds into two half height garden beds. This option is available for a small cutting fee.