Stainless Steel Aquaponics

Grow fish and salad/vegetables in your own garden

Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture (fish, water life, etc) and permaculture (plants, etc).

How does it work?
Aquaponics uses water from the fish tank to provide nutrients to the plants, where the plants then naturally filter the water, before it returns as fresh water to the fish. And the cycle goes on...producing and growing fish and plants.

How does stainless steel perform?
Stainless steel tanks and raised garden beds provide a super healthy growing environment for aquaponics. The exceptional quality and hygiene of stainless steel benefits both the fish and plants, and therefore you as the grower.

And you can do this in your own garden or backyard. Our stainless steel tanks and raised garden beds are perfect for aquaponics applications. Contact us today.

Stainless Steel Aquaponics Benefits:

1)   Hygienic food growing environment
2)   Super healthy plants and fish
3)   No rust, extreme longevity
4)   Aesthetics- classic corrugated profile
Stainless Steel Aquaponics