Why Stainless Steel is Best

Stainless steel is a high quality alloy with super material properties. It has a naturally occurring passive film on its surface that forms a protective layer to prevent rust and corrosion. Here's how it works:
Why Stainless Steel is Best
   1) The protective chromium oxide layer automatically forms on the stainless steel.
   2) Chromium oxide layer is compromised from being damaged, scratched or machined.
   3) New protective layer quickly restored by rapid self-repairing by the stainless steel.
While steel will rust and plastic will degrade, EcoBright stainless steel rainwater tanks will last a lifetime. They are a premium quality product that will give you the purest water storage, longevity and value for money like no other tank- that's the stainless steel advantage.

Rain Water Tank Comparison

Case Study- 30,000Ltr Round Tank

Let's compare stainless steel. The table below compares the difference in cost ($), and environmental impact (CO2 and # of Trees), for each type of water tank.
Decide for yourself- which tank is superior?
Stainless Rain Water Tank Comparison
The credentials speak for themselves. Stainless steel has clear and measurable advantages. That's why we love our product, that's why we produce our product, and that's why stainless steel rainwater tanks are undoubtedly, and categorically, the best water tank available on the market.

The Details

Value for money

EcoBright stainless steel rain water tanks offer real value for money over the long term. They parallel concrete tanks for lifespan whilst being a fraction of the cost. For a little more upfront than plastic or plain/coated steel, you can have the outstanding benefits of a stainless steel tank. And if they ever do need replacing- there won't be any dumping costs of degraded plastic, rusty metal or heavy concrete, instead stainless steel metal recyclers will pay you!

Longevity & environment

Stainless steel can be perpetually recycled and is in fact the most recycled of all metal alloys. Plastic however is detrimental and can only be down-cycled, eventually ending up in landfill. Our stainless steel tanks will literally last a lifetime because the material itself is corrosion resistant.  The tank seams are double sealed with the highest food grade pure silicone sealers, ensuring a healthy tank life of not just 50 years, but 70-100yrs plus.

Aesthetics & health

EcoBright tanks are all produced from pure stainless steel. The classic corrugated profile produces a tank with an aesthetic of timeless Australian beauty and quality. For drinking water, our food grade s/s tanks offer the purest water storage available to ensure your family’s health and quality of life.

Marine Environments

Benefits of s/s rainwater tanks on the coast

Coastal locations can be tough environments for materials to resist corrosion. Salt attacks steel through oxidisation and when coatings break down, such as aquaplate steel tanks, corrosion quickly takes effect. Stainless steel however, forms its own protective layer that self-heals and naturally protects itself from salt or chlorides, making it super resilient to corrosion.

EcoBright now offers MARINE GRADE stainless steel rain water tanks for the harshest marine coastal environments. If you have projects within 1km of still marine water, or 5km of breaking surf, these tanks are the ideal high performance solution.

Whether you're in Torquay, Geelong or Melbourne VIC, to Wollongong or Sydney NSW, we have a product that will suit the demands of your location and perform exceptionally.


Info for specific occupations:
  • Stainless steel is the cheapest tank over the long term.
  • Stainless steel tanks have the smallest environmental impact.
  • Concrete is the most expensive.
  • Plastic is environmentally detrimental.