Bush Fire Protection Tanks

Fire Fighting Water Tank Storage Requirements

Bush fire protection tanks and water storage solutions are commonly required in bushfire areas. EcoBright stainless steel tanks are fire resistant and won’t melt like plastic. Please see below for info on bushfire management and overlay areas or contact us to see how our water tanks can help you protect your property.


VIC Fire Fighting Regulations

Dwellings and buildings located in Victoria in "Fire Management Overlay" areas have specific requirements in regards to rain water tanks. To briefly summarise:

- RESIDENTIAL- requires either 2,500 or 5,000 or 10,000 Ltrs. This will depend on the size of your block and whether a fire hydrant is available.

- COMMERCIAL- requires 10,000 Ltrs per 1,500m2 of floor area, up to 40,000 Ltrs.

For a comprehensive guide see the Victorian Planning Schemes Online website.
Scroll down to Clause 52.47 Planning For Bushfires, where pages 5 and 10 contain key information.


NSW Fire Fighting Regulations

The NSW Rural Fire Service requires from 5,000 - 20,000Ltrs (dependent on lot size) to be held on properties located on land that is designated as bush fire prone.

For a comprehensive guide see the Planning for Bushfire 2006 doc, Chapter 4, Table 4.2 (pg. 26), or visit the RFS website.

Local Councils may have their own requirements on top of this minimum NSW standard.
Bush Fire Fighting Water Tank

Bush Fire Tank Plumbing

The specified water capacities allocated to firefighting can be stored in tanks of various configurations to suit your needs and comply with regulations. This may mean having one bigger tank for fighting and domestic use, or having two tanks connected with a one way valve. For more info see our Tank Fittings webpage, or contact us for specific advice on solutions to your requirements.